raccoons_rags: (Frankie)
( Apr. 12th, 2012 04:28 pm)
I'm so hung up on getting in the cash to pay for my BJD's, that I've put my customised Frankie Stein up for auction:

And a new outfit for Ellowyne too.

Let's face it, Frankie Stein dolls are two-a-penny on Ebay, and I'll enjoy doing up another one.  At some point.  As for the Ell stuff, my dolls must hate me because I keep selling off their new threads.

Everyone says to me "I bet you have the best-dressed dolls imaginable."  Nope. I always end up selling the really good items, so my dolly's are all dressed in prototype pattern designs, failed experiments and some of the factory items they came with.  I tell myself when my BJD's arrive, they'll have beautiful clothing and a nice box to keep it all in.  But I know I won't be able to resist putting things up for auction.

raccoons_rags: (Ryan image)
( Apr. 12th, 2012 04:39 pm)
So anyway, yes.  I've mortgaged my soul to buy three Iplehouse dolls. Two JID, and one BID.

Pictures are swiped from Iplehouse, and are not my own.

JID Ryan sculpt (He shall be named Lex)

JID Tania sculpt. (She'll be called Eliza, I just adore that name)

And finally, surprisingly to me, a BID.  Now I've never been able to love baby or toddler dolls, but this sculpt is by far the sweetest little face I've ever seen.  She looks like she'll be a quiet little girl, not prone to tantrums or badgering the adults for constant attention (You can tell I've never been maternal)

Sculpt is Serca.  (I'll call her Maisie)

This is what's eating up my money.  AND there are two more JID I want, possibly three. Agh.

In order of the pics - JID's Jerome, Tatiana and Benny. Benny is just the most exquisite girl, wow.  Bright colours and jewels would look epic against her skintone.

Jerome, Tatiana and Benny, under the cut )