I'm loving the new camera.  Compared to my old one, which I had to run off the mains, so it involved dragging cables around, this new shiny toy is easy to pick up and take snaps of the day's sewing. 

A few days ago I started beading a simple gown in cotton lawn and crinkle muslin, without being quite sure where I was going with the design.

So I persevered, adding gold beads and trimming the neck and sleeve openings with beads too.  And I'm pleased with the result.

Now the skirt needs some embellishment, but I haven't yet figured how the best way to do it.  I don't want to spoil the lively crinkly drape, so I think sewing on beads is out.  Perhaps some beaded strands and chains hanging from the waist. 


(( Part 2 ))

raccoons_rags: (outfit)
( May. 3rd, 2012 03:50 pm)
So yay!  After actually managing to complete the 2012 project last year, I've signed up for the Art House Co-op's Sketch Book Project 2013.

Art House Co-op is a great way for artists to get together and see each others work, there are also free projects which are meant to be weekly, but so far they don't seem to be that regular.  Hopefully that will pick up a bit as more people join and take part.

I'm uncertain as to what I want to do with mine, but I do know I want it to be more about my dolls this year.  possibly fashion drawings, or ensembles that I can sew later on, or even just sketches of details of outfits.  I've been looking up Japanese street fashions, which has caught my fancy; probably due to the influence of the items that can be found for BJD's.

So I Googled Dolly Kei, Visual Kei, Fairy Kei and Mori Girl fashion and now have a couple of folders on my hard drive, full of ideas.  I also discovered some more amazing doll fashion designers/makers.  These are hard to find!  And I really like the following work by:

Frédérique,  known as Kikihalb, who doesn't seem to have a blog, alas.  But her outfits are exquisite.

And Romina,  Whose blog is I have wings.  Again, gorgeous work, I can't get enough of looking at it.

I have to admit to detesting Blythe dolls (blasphemous I know, sorry) but some of the designers who make dolly togs for them are out of this world :)

So yes, I'll have to knuckle down to some sketching, and possibly create some new outfits. I already want to buy lots of new materials for my own side of the project, thin fabrics like muslin and lawn, lace/trims, and a mini sewing machine.