(( From part 1 ))

Phew. So much beading, but it always looks worthwhile when it's all done.  The Ellowyne Wilde Aphrodite gown is finally finished, and I made a ton of bead bracelets to go with it.  I may make a headdress at some point, and I'm not sure about the belt, I might remake it and encrust that with beads too.  But for the time being, I'm all beaded out and I have other projects I'm dying to start.

This is the very simple petticoat I made to go under the dress. It makes the dress look much more 'finished'.

and thanks to a wonderfully simple picot bead edging tutorial by Martha Boers. for BJD Collectasy,  My beaded edges now look a lot more professional!  This is so easy, and looks great.




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