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( May. 8th, 2012 04:19 pm)
(( From part 1 ))

After the "Tatters" dress and petticoat had dried out overnight, I was really pleased with the result. :)  It reminds me of carnations, which was the effect I was kind of hoping for.

Dried skirts:

And the bodice, which I'd painted around the neck, armholes, and across the shoulders:

The next step was to make a belt.  I wanted a nice wide one with some detail.  So I used some tan kid leather, made a buckle out of seed beads, and assembled the belt.  The buckle detail is fixed, and the whole belt fastens at the back with a simple snap fastener.  I love the look of the fringed ends, with more beads attached. This picture is a bit blurred, urgh, but the belt looks good.

The whole ensemble so far:

Next I need to make some kind of small jacket. then I want to make gloves, a hat, and maybe some boots too.  I might even add tights or stockings.


(( Part 3 ))



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