(( From part 3 ))

Quick one today, for I have tummy-ache.

I made a little pair of gloves in soft cotton teeshirt fabric, with Lycra.  To echo the petticoat, I tinted them with dilute silk paints and painted them, whilst on the doll.  It doesn't matter if my clotheshorse dolly gets stained, but so far the paint has come off the vinyl very easily.

Wet gloves.  I'll set the paints with a hot iron and give them a wash to make sure all the excess silk paint comes out.  Fabric paints, even silk paints are nowhere near as god as proper fabric dyes, but for tiny areas of tinting or painting, they are perfect.  It saves one getting out the whole dye-kit just for a tiny item. 

And a gratuitous close up. Just to show you how awesome my new £35.00 camera is.  :)  Don't spend hundreds if you want to snap your doll but photography isn't your main hobby.  Get a good brand at a reasonable price and practice.  (Mine is a Canon Powershot A800)

Next stop, the hat. Which is actually made and photographed, but I'll post later tonight or tomorrow due to my poorly tum.


(( Part 5 ))



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