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( May. 16th, 2012 05:23 pm)
(( From part 4 ))

The hat was relatively stress free.  It's the Palazzo!  pattern hat from MHD Designs.

I say relatively, because the first one I made was far too big for Ellowyne's head. The copy I have is the PDF format, and not the real-life printed pattern. So I'm not sure if it's because I had my printer settings wrong, or if there's an issue with the pattern - I suspect it's the former, because I've never had one single MHD pattern go wrong on me.  But I recalculated the percentage I needed for the right measurements, and printed the pattern out again at 89%.   This time it was perfect. 

I love MHD patterns, Magalie Dawson is just so gifted, and her work is well worth going to see.  Once I get my BJD's I hope to get more patterns from her website.

I only have images of the finished hat.  I keep forgetting to stop and take photos as I work on something. It's modelled here by Amy, my gorgeous "Boo Who?" Convention Ell, with the pale skin and rooted long black hair.  *Proudly points to icon*

Boots next. These are finished, but I'll make a separate post for those, as I actually remembered to take images of the WIP.


(( Part 6 ))



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