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( May. 17th, 2012 02:13 pm)
(( From part 5 ))

Finally some boot pictures.

I've made doll boots in leather before, but on a much smaller scale than Ell.  So this painstaking pattern process involved making a basic felt boot for the doll; then cutting it apart, and using the cut sections for the card pattern.  It took many attempts to get it right, and luckily I mastered the final fit some months ago.  However this is the first attempt in kid leather, as opposed to felt.

That was scary!  My leather supply is from the last stock of one of my favourite Ebay shops that sadly closed down; and I don't know where I'll find such a range of colours again, for such a reasonable price.

But once the sewing part was done - I do it all by hand, incidentally. Fiddly. Sore fingers - The fun part began.  I cut fringes with a fine scalpel, and fixed them around the boot-tops, then made a mock tie at the front, with beads on each strand of self-cut thong; and finally the hotfix nailheads I bought recently, and have been dying to use.   The finished boots look great, I'm so pleased.

And relieved.

I do have the necessary skill to have added a firmer leather sole, and some heels, but I'm leaving these as soft-soled pixie type boots, because frankly? I'm too terrified to risk making a pigs ear of the job. =^-^=

Now that I've spent the rest of the afternoon making necklaces and bracelets to match - and forgetting to photograph the process - the outfit is complete.  I'll take some pictures tomorrow and reveal the finished ensemble.


(( Part 7 ))



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