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( May. 19th, 2012 03:05 pm)
a while ago, I bought some yoSD sized boots, because they are awesome on Moxie Teenz, and they enable the dolls to stand up without the need of a stand.  So I actually have some boots that will fit my new IH BID. (when she arrives, My parcel got into Heathrow last night, yay)

The pretty lilac ones are nice, but I don't like the huge amount of white on them. I tend to prefer natural or ivory to white anyway, but I wanted more lilac or purple.

I was tidying my workspace, really I was .... but before I knew it, I'd taken a scalpel to one of the boots and experimentally cut off the pearl buttons.  I do these things, then panic, then end up buying embellishments on Ebay to modify what I've done properly.  Luckily this time, I had some faceted purple beads that would do the job just perfectly, and ended up modding them properly.

AND I remembered to take pictures as I went along. Here's what I did.

I'd embarked on the mini project with gusto before taking the first picture. the new purple beads were looking very nice.  They set in well to the soft vinyl, and I chose to stitch rather than glue, as there's no substitute for well-stitched embellishments:

Going back to the start,  I examined the factory-glued pearl beads, and very carefully cut them off with a scalpel.  Tugging at them would only have shredded the vinyl, which is so delicate compared to real leather.

Here are the holes, once I'd carefully sliced through the glue.  Not  too much damage, so the right sized bead would hide any damage around the edges of the holes

I used a leather needle to sew the beads on (but I didn't really need one, an ordinary sewing needle would have done just as well)   Keeping the stitches inside the boot as neat as I could, I stitched on the beads. 

TIP: Start sewing the lowest bead first and work up.  I started with the highest one, worked down,  and snookered myself because I couldn't access the inside of the boot to finish the thread off properly by taking a few tiny stitches.  So I had to run the thread back up, take the stitches, and resort to glue to catch it down properly:

Don't be ashamed to use glue, as long as you don't make an almighty mess of it. Aleene's tacky glue is great, many craft professionals use it. Copydex, and Loctite superglue are also good used in moderation, and for the right jobs.   I use cocktail sticks for all gluing, and the piece of card I use for squeezing out small amounts is getting thicker by the week. I have a mini glue mountain:

The finished boots.  I like them much more now with the pretty purple beads:

The problem now is that I don't like the bows, and they are WELL glued on. Still with a little patience and a sharp scalpel, I'm still going to attempt to replace them.  

No appropriate bows in my stash... so .... Heh.  Ebay it is then.  I'll post more pictures to show how it goes.


(( Part 2 ))



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