I need to learn not to make posts when I'm tired, I start coming over all irrelevant and end up repeating myself.

Here are the fabrics and trims from yesterdays dye session.  As I said before, the purple looked a bit dark to me, so I tried to bleach it out a bit.  Bleach reacts strangely to fabric dye.  I once tried to bleach a black teeshirt and ended up with a deep marbled maroon/black effect. It was lovely though,  these little accidents often come out more interesting than dismal.  But it's really best to test dye first.

Which I never do. I just learn as I go along, because impatience is my middle name.

This purple dye, when bleached, turned a light indigo colour, like a dusky cornflower blue.  I like the combination of this and the purple together and am looking forward to creating a doll outfit with it.

The broderie anglaise trim in the picture, was sold to me as 100% cotton with rayon embroidery. that is not rayon!  Rayon/viscose dyes really well, and this thread stayed white - which means it's probably polyester.  I quite like it though, but it means I'll have to use bright whit trims if I'm going to combine more colours, which is the only thing that disappoints me, I much prefer undyed, natural, or ecru whites, as opposed to bright whites. 

Here's one with a couple of packs of glass pearls I bought recently.  The purple beads look great, not so sure about those aqua ones.

I love overdyeing. The cotton poplin is my favourite and looks much prettier in real life.


raccoons_rags: (crafts)
( May. 25th, 2012 05:03 pm)
More bits and pieces are still drying, but I'm very happy with today's dye session.  Half my pille of fabric I dyed with procion MX magenta, using less dye powder than usual so it wouldn't be too deep a shade.  Then I mixed six small bottles of rainbow colours, and squirted them over the other half of the fabric.

Some went really well, but I didn't mix enough dye solution, so the top fabrics went lovely colours, but the pieces at the bottom didn't get such a good deal.  that's okay though, I can overdye the less successful scraps tomorrow.  =^^=

It's a gorgeous day, but breezy, so my bits of cloth kept floating across the lawn. Some dried fast outside, but I had to bring them in after a while, or I'd have lost them!

Drying bits:

More drying bits:

Smaller bits in the sun:

The first pieces to be dry and ironed:

I'm happy with these :) 

More to come as I slowly get the fabric dried and pressed.