((From part 2))


I timed myself roughly for this, and it took me the best part of six hours to make and I have sore fingers.  Probably because I used double crochet stitch which results in a much stiffer fabric.  next time, I'll use half trebles and make a floppier hat.

I made the whole thing in one piece, working in rounds:

It is a little tight on an Ellowyne with rooted hair, but it does fit:

Now for the brim, it's beginning to look a better shape now:

Then I trimmed the edge using ecru yarn, in shell edging, et voila. It's a much better fit on my scalped doll. Poor thing, she deserves a decent outfit:

I do like taking pictures of a doll with another in the background and these girls look great together, I've always liked the combinations of pinks and greens:

I'm still trying to find mini projects to do because I'm saving myself for when the BJD's arrive.  They're still going through Customs and I get more frustrated EVERY DAY.  I hate you, UK customs.  With a passion.




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