My 10's reels of crochet cotton arrived today, yay!  It's very fine and will make lovely crochet dolly frocks and hats.  I'm even inclined to try and crochet some espadrille type shoes or something.


I bought nine, but there are only eight in that first picture, because I promptly dyed one of the ecru balls in rainbow shades:

The bowls at the back contain purple and green scrunch-dyed fabrics.  Once they're rinsed, washed, conditioned and pressed, I'll post some pictures of how they turned out.  I took yesterday off from dyeing, but realised I had to get some done today as we've been forecast rain. Boo. I'm somewhat dependant on drying it all outside, because it drips for ages indoors, no matter how hard I wring it out.

Here are a few more from a couple of days ago:

(Left) Printed lawn, bleached out and then scrunch-dyed with rainbow colours:  (Centre) White broderie anglaise lawn, scrunch-dyed in pastel rainbows: (Right) Beige cotton lawn unevenly overdyed in olive green:

I don't have the facilities or the space to produce perfectly evenly dyed fabrics, so I make a feature out of uneven dyeing.  I love the look, it makes for a pretty shabby chic effect in doll outfits.

Forgot to put on the Marigolds for today's session. Now I have rainbow fingers.