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( May. 30th, 2012 02:40 pm)

More photos of my dyeing exploits.

Yesterdays greens, purples, and the Rainbow Lasagne (Named by [personal profile] jul_steele ) crochet yarn:

I just love green and purple:

All fabrics were (what I call) scrunch-dyed, including the overdyed pieces.  This literally means I dampened them and scrunched them up; soaked them in the dyebath and squeezed out the excess dye liquid; then popped them into plastic bags for a few hours before rinsing, washing, conditioning and pressing.  I have to do all this by hand, as I live with close friends, and can't really use their large washing machine for tiny amounts.

Overdyed literally means a fabric that has an existing print, or colour, and has been dyed once more, "over" the original colour/print.

1 & 2 - Overdyed cotton stretch jersey prints.
3 -  Plain soft cotton stretch jersey.
4 - Overdyed cotton print, standard patchwork/quilting weight.
5 - Dupion silk. this turned out the most exquisite shade, and really shines.  It's a shame the camera can't pick up the full effect.
6 - Overdyed cotton lawn print. the same as number eight, which started life as being beige.
7 - Crinkle cotton.   I use cheesecloth too, and this is similar, but is a slightly more substantial weight of cotton.
8 - Overdyed cotton lawn print, the same one as number 6.
9 - Overdyed cotton poplin Hoffman batik.

Once more for posterity:

My entire dyed stash so far... there will be more...

Rainbow lasagne space-dyed yarn.  Crochet cotton #10. It took aged to unwind from the dyed hank onto the cardboard roll.  Which is not a recycled toilet roll. Not at all... Nope:

BJD Newsflash:-   Well, my dolls are finally out of customs, and officially in the UK.  they're apparently being processed by parcelforce now, and I await the ransom note with some degree of anxiety.  I've been tracking them, and I noted with some consternation that when Customs were dealing with it, it says on the tracking web-page "Revised charges to be paid"


It's the particular word, "revised" that's scaring me.  What the hell  does that mean?




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