Okay, so yes.  As per my last entry, I want jeans for Lex, so I'm economising on my sparse denim stash by getting the shorts right first, and using old fabric that I don't mind wasting, for the initial attempts.

In addition to having to draft the pattern myself, I'm also being a tad ambitious by trying my first front closing shorts.

I measured up the doll, made an initial pattern, and sewed the first version in old fabric.  I was please that I could actually get them on him, but the fronts didn't meet.  That's okay and tweakable:

The back gaped wide open, but that's okay too. You can see where I've pinched the fabric to mark it up for some darts.

So I altered the paper pattern, and cut out another pair of shorts.  This second pair went much better. The front closes nicely, but it's tricky with boy BJD's, or any doll who has a tadger.  A hard plastic tadger that doesn't tuck away like a proper human one..... and I found it awkward to cut the crotch to accommodate his bits, so it looks untidy - and slightly uncomfortable:

The back turned out really nicely though. I was pleased at the way the shorts wrap neatly around his bum.  Those darts were right first time. Yay me.  The centre back comes too high into a sort of point, so I'll reduce that.

Normally, I'd put a waistband on, and sew to completion, but I felt fairly confident to try the third pair in denim.  I did take some pictures of cutting and stitching the denim - but I appear to have had a senior moment and deleted them by mistake. Curses.  So here are the half-done denim shorts.

Again, the back looks even better than I'd hoped, it keeps his lovely shape. Lex definitely has a sexy bum.  I hope I can make Rachel's pair look this sexy.  Now the centre back is dipped, which means I took off too much, so I'll have to adjust that:

The  front crotch looks neat and tidy over his tadger, but the fronts still don't close that well:

I had to faff around with them to get them to close properly, which they did, and the crotch still looks okay over his boy-bits.  I also did the fun part, the fringing at the bottom hem.  I'll put them through the washing machine when they're done, so they fluff up and look old.  I may even poke some holes in the finished shorts, to make them look old and worn: 

I must admit to being slightly obsessed with his weiner.   Nothing creepy it's just.... I have this doll. Who has a willie.  It's kind of ... Well.  A willy. 

Do they really need to make a doll's private bits that detailed?   

But I digress.  With all the faults in the pattern and me being pernicketty, I'll need to adjust the pattern yet again, which I expected. I noticed the side seams don't fall at the side, but are too far to the back, so Ill adjust for that too.  I'll complete this pair though.  I'll add a waistband and maybe belt loops, and make him a leather belt.  Then I'll fiddle with the pattern and make another pair, perhaps in combat pants fabric, with pockets.  In this weather, a boy can't have too many shorts.

More tomorrow, I'm all sewed-out tonight!


((Part 2))




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