((Continued from part 1 ))

The next step was to try the denim version with a waistband,  so I sewed that on, and tried it on the doll again.   Here's more sewing in progress, with the two pairs of yellow prototypes in the background:

They're a bit tight going over his hips, but I don't want to make the opening any lower, so I'll keep the pattern as it is for the front opening.  they still look good with the waistband.  I'm happy about this, but it doesn't matter too much as the pattern needs adjusting anyway:

The back still fits nicely too:

By this time, I'd got distracted with wanting to make the fourth pair, with the properly adjusted pattern, so I found some nice upcycled combat pants fabric, and made a start.  I cut these a bit longer so they could have turn-ups, and the front is great.  It's not as neat-looking as the jeans over his tallywhacker, but the khaki fabric is thinner than denim, and much more prone to creasing.  I'm happy with it:

The sides seams are in exactly the right place now. Perfect!

And his bum still looks great at the back:

Next, I'll add the waistband to the khaki shorts, and top stitch the denim ones.  I shall post more pictures as I progress, but now I have a great shorts pattern that will be easy to make into a jeans pattern.  Lots of work, but once you have a precise basic pattern, you can do all sorts of things with it.


Also, I'm somewhat smitten with my boy now, and took a portrait shot to make a new icon. However, I'm not so sure about his name now:

Do excuse my doll-obsessed prattling, and  it might sound weird, but it sometimes it takes me a while to bond with new dolls.  That usually happens as I'm making things for them.

I bonded with Maisie almost instantly, Rachel needs better eyes, the ones she has just aren't "her", and it's taken me a couple of days to fall in love with Lex.  And now I have, I'm not sure if he IS a Lex.  For one thing, it's the name of a RPG character of mine - and it's interfering with my mental image of my character.  For another, he looks less and less like a Lex to me every day.

I'm kind of moving towards the fuller name of Alexander, Alex, or Xander.   Not that it's important to anyone else really, I just hate to change names once I've picked them.  

I won't be naming my dollies before they arrive any more!

Anyway, I had this fur wig that I hated, but it was all I could put on him temporarily, so I've slowly begun to cut it into a different shape, and as it improves, he seems to get more and more handsome!


(( Part 3 - final ))




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