My word, I've been uber-busy with my new dolliehs - my new IPLEHOUSE dolliehs (Heh. That never gets old) - and I've done loads of stuff, but haven't had time to sort out the photos and upload. 

Firstly,  now Xander has had two pairs of new shorts, Rachel must have some, so the first logical step was to try his shorts on her, and see how much I needed to adjust the pattern.

they weren't a bad fit actually, so she can probably steal his shorts when she needs to.  They hung nicely at hipster level, but the crotch was too low.

I drew up the new pattern and set about making new shorts:

Checking for fit, front:

Checking for fit, back:

It was easy to just raise the crotch and make a draft pair. they were meant to be rough, but fit so well on the first attempt, I finished them off nicely and called them done.

I like the hipster fit, but that crotch was still a tad low, and you can't quite tell from the picture, but that waist needed nipping in a bit:

Et voila, now I have two shorts patterns for her, one low-slung, and another with a little more shape - and with longer legs.  That crotch should look more tidy in denim. The cotton fabric I used here is not very forgiving. Trousers will come from these patterns, but first I want to get some teeshirt patterns done:

I've made six pairs of shorts in total, and now I'm making them in my sleep, I definitely need a change.


raccoons_rags: (rachel2)
( Jun. 7th, 2012 10:52 pm)

Welll,  one tee-shirt.   I wanted to do Xander first, but I had to suede him properly today, and he's lying around in bits while the glue dries.  So I measured up Rachel, and drafted an initial pattern.

Yay new sewing project :)

Shorts and trousers are quicker and easier than tops.  No facings, no sleeves to set in.  A relatively simple garment can take all day when sewing by hand.

Almost there, the fiddliest bits are done now:

The finished tee with yesterdays shorts. 

It looks fine in the pics, but that's because I had to pin the back closed to make it look good!

I had to finagle with the back to get the closure right. I have to adjust the fit around the hips - Rachel's tee is shaped to be feminine, and I have to draft a proper neck/back facing, I also need to adjust the sleeves, they're a little too tailored and the tee looks bad when I raise the doll's arms.   And of course once the pattern piece for the sleeves is adjusted,  the armholes on the body will need tweaking too.

So I got tired and ended up just taking pictures of Rachel. She's too photogenic to resist.


Iplehouse send the dolls with the most beautiful eyes, but the ones Rachel had, depending on where the light source was, made her eyes look squiffy.

I took some pics of her that way, trying to get the lighting right for her eyes, I also put her in an Ellowyne Wilde wig, which is just so sweet on her.  She's in the green shorts and an Ell white top, which is marginally too tight for her.

These first pics are some I took a few days ago:

And here are some shots from today.  As Xander is still headless due to drying glue on his sueding, we stole his wig.  I think she looks very cute in it, very tomboyish.  I like fur wigs, they're easy to cut and shape, and far cheaper to experiment on than proper hair wigs.  

That said, I do have some premium Tibetan lambskins sitting in a box, waiting to be turned into BJD wigs.

So much to do, so little time.....

Also, I ordered some new eyes for her which arrived today.  On the Iplehouse website, it says that these JID take 12mm eyes. So that's what I ordered.  However on arrival, I realised the new eyes were smaller than the ones Rachel came with. I was on the verge of emailing the eye seller to complain that they'd sent the wrong size, but fortunately I had a rare wave of good sense, and measured both sets of eyes.

The Iplehouse ones are 14mm.  Sorry nice Ebay seller, you did good. I'm a twit.  Or rather Iplehouse are twits. I was annoyed because I thought I'd wasted money, but I tried the new eyes in Rachel anyway, and they're fine!  I really like them and will be buying more.

New eyes, and big brother's wig :)

I think that's enough spam for one day.....