So I've made this blue tee for Rachel, decided it was too loose, then got almost all the way through making a second one, when I realised I don't really like making teeshirts for girls.  Not when there are so many other things I could be making.  Also, when I make something to go with trousers, or under a pinafore for Ellowyne, I much prefer to make a leotard. 

I fished out an Ell leotard I have knocking around, and whilst it was T-I-G-H-T, I did manage to get it on Rachel and fasten it.

The sleeves are a bit short too, but one nice thing is that because I'd made her shorts reasonably loose, they fitted over the leotard like a second skin.  Yay. I don't have to alter the shorts. Again.

I dug out my Ell leotard pattern, which is  MHD designs pattern that I've altered. (Hers was perfect, don't get me wrong, but I have to faff around with everything, and redesigned the back and the sleeves completely)  At first I scanned it in, worked out the percentage size between Ell and Rachel, then printed it out at 120%.  It worked written down in  maths, but not when printed out, and was massive. Almost SD sized!   So I made an educated guess and printed the pattern out again at 105%, which was perfect for length, and then adjusted the width measurements to match the teeshirt pattern I'd made.

Worked like a dream.  The new leotard fits perfectly. I redesigned the body around the arms completely, and the sleeves are entirely my own design, and it looks great.

I've yet to sew on a snap at the back:

The crotch needs some adjustment, Ell is much wider down there than a JID gal:

But baggy crotch and all, the shorts still fit over the top beautifully:

And one more because she's just so pretty......

I'm happy now I have a good teeshirt/leotard thing to make for my JID girls (Yes Rachel is just the first)   The only problem now is my hand dyed fabrics.   I don't want to put hand dyed stuff directly against BJD resin, I know it might stain.  It's easy to line dresses and outfits made from rigid fabrics, but stretch fabrics are often too bulky to line.  So I'm not sure how to solve that one.

If I can find some very fine stretch lining, I could adjust the pattern to compensate for extra bulk, and do it that way.   More work. Urgh.  I'm getting to the stage where I just want to make loads of pretty things for my BJD's now, but I know I need to build up my confidence with designing the easier garments first.

I think I'll just go away and make Xander a teeshirt before I embark on anything else.





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