((From part 1))


My second attempt with the bodice proved more fruitful.  Although the armholes could still be a bit bigger, there's just enough movement in them

The back isn't too clever, it doesn't close up all the way, and the neckline is that wee bit too high, so I'll have to amend those two things, AND the armholes, when I redraft the pattern:

I was getting slightly bored with sewing lilac polka dot fabric over and over, so I decided to proceed with this bodice for now, as Maisie needs something to wear.  I have redrafted the pattern, but I'll use it for the next dress I make her.  I find a break like that does give me fresh eyes when I come back to designing the pattern properly.

I gathered up and stitched on the skirt.  Skirts are really easy to make, it's the bodice bits and trousers that are the trickiest parts:

Once that was done and hemmed, I found some of my hand-dyed silk ribbon, made a bow and attached that.  It's really not up to my usual standard. The bow is messy, which is because real silk ribbon is so fine and soft it won't stay where it's put.  Cheaper satin craft ribbon does have its merits:

She does look pretty cute in it, but in hindsight, I need to make the waistband a bit higher.  Maisie has quite a long body and short legs as it is, this lower waistband makes her legs look even shorter:

The next step was to make a pretty matching underskirt.  This took no time, because skirts are easy-peasy.  A bit hard on the fingers though, with all the gathering and sewing through layers of fabric at the waistband:

Aaand the finished item!  She's so short, I have trouble taking pictures of her on my desk, so she had to have an upturned jar as a podium:

Next I want to make her some tights and some open-fingered gloves. Gloves are fairly easy, but those tights might be hard work.


raccoons_rags: (stash)
( Jun. 13th, 2012 05:26 pm)

My denim arrived yesterday.   Three shades of fine soft  fabric that will (hopefully) result in beautiful BJD jeans, shorts, maybe even shirts and dresses :)

It's almost impossible to find the really lightweight stuff here in the UK, so I had to buy mine from Germany, but it was excellent value and so was the shipping.  I love you, Germany.