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Blimey.  I'm making a tiered skirt with a couple of ruffles for the bodice, and I spent the best part of the day measuring fabric, cutting out fabric, and putting fray check on fabric ... all for 5 strips of fabric!   It pays to cut accurate tiers though,  it saves a world of pain when it comes to gathering and putting them together.

After all that, I sewed the first two tiers together and attached them to the bodice:

Normally, I'd start attaching the tiers from the bottom up, and attach the completed skirt to the bodice. But because I'm doing ruffles, I wanted the back seams to look right, so I'm sort of doing it in two parts.  Two tiers on the skirt first, then make up the bottom parts and the ruffles, and add them afterwards.

Well, I know what I mean.

Sort of.

But at least it's looking nice.   I often have trouble with gathered tiers, and I realise now it's usually because I make them too full. I cut them less full this time, and used the iron to steam in some greases where the fabric is gathered. It makes the garment hang better, and the sharper creases work better on a small scale garment like a doll dress.

That lower tier sticks out a bit too much at the bottom and looks a bit bell-like for my tastes, but once the lower tiers are attached, I'll steam it again, which will improve the silhouette:

Only three strips left to gather and sew.

And now I have a sore bottom, because the nice new desk chair I bought has proven to be too cheap, and the seat hurts my coccyx, which plays up from time to time, for I am old and my spine is knackered.

Tomorrow I'll be sitting on pillows....

But hey.  All is well in the world because I have new fleecy pyjamas :)

((Part 3))


raccoons_rags: (Maisie)
( Jun. 19th, 2012 08:36 pm)

Whilst Xander and Rachel were out partying hard.   Priscilla, Amy and Ell (from left to right)  stepped in to babysit Maisie.  I suspect she was spoilt rotten... and those feet belong to Draculaura who is sitting on the shelf above.

I think Maisie looks quite sweet with the  Ells, although she's complaining about her hair ribbon not matching her dress.