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( Jun. 28th, 2012 02:05 pm)

It used to be that I couldn't start a project until the previous one was all finished off and complete; but lately I've been flitting this thing to that, and back again.   So I sat down and finally sewed some snaps onto Rachel's dress - it has had pins in it for far too long.  To give the back closure a neater more professional finish, I stuck gold plated nailheads over the snap stitches to hide them.

It looks a lot nicer now, I may do this with all my larger BJD outfits:

Then I got my act together and top stitched the first two tiers of the skirt.  I was hoping to get away with not having to do it, but because of the scale of doll skirts, the weight of the fabric wasn't enough to keep the skirt in shape.  Top stitching the seams of tiers really makes a difference in this:

And now the dress is well and truly finished.

I have stress over some things going on in my private life, and it's stopping me from getting engrossed in my sewing and making :(   I know once it's all sorted that feeling will pass, but I want it to pass now!   I have untold amounts of fur to make wigs, beautiful fabrics I've hand dyed to make doll outfits all sitting there waiting.  But I keep finding finicketty things to do to keep me from starting off something new.

*Sigh*  Oh well.  Perhaps a few days break will do me good.

Even us dolly types suffer from artists block.


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( Jun. 28th, 2012 02:13 pm)

After that depressed last entry in this here blog, I do have one nice thing to perk me up.   My first batch of special-price fabric swatches arrived today.  I'm very happy.

I've now been able to list these designs for sale in my Spoonflower shop :)

Here they all are.  (For anyone interested in buying, I have had some of these printed out on a reduced scale compared to the actual designs in my shop. But Spoonflower provides a ruler when you are viewing images, very useful, so be sure to keep an eye on the scale of the designs for sale)

1 "Joys of Spring (yellow)" is printed normal size.  1a is slightly reduced.
2 "Scribbly daisies" reduced size
3 "Joys of Spring (neutral) reduced size.
4 "Her favourite dress" normal size.


1 "Ice cream smudge" printed at reduced size.
2 "Tiny patchwork" normal size.
3 "Leafy 3" reduced scale.
4 "kittyface" at reduced scale.

I need to think of small things to sew from 8" squares now.


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( Jun. 28th, 2012 10:41 pm)

I think I'm slightly addicted to Spoonflower.  I've just spent the evening designing a new print, and ended up making five different colourways from it.   I'm just loving the chance to be messy and creative with textured backgrounds and distresses effects - all without so much as one drop of paint or glue.

Don't you just love Gimp?  I miss my old art program Painter5 so much I could cry. I loved using it, there were some dandy functions on it that not even Photoshop seems to have, but it's old and outdated and won't work on Linux.  So I'm getting used to Gimp, and am having fun with what I'm figuring out how to do.


Any old hoo, I love paisley, and I love shabby chic, so I designed a print so I can use my own fabrics for some doll clothes.  I'm kind of glad the $1 per test swatch offer is over in a couple of days, I'm spending far too much on these glorious little bits of fabric.