I've started on a new outfit for a JID gal.   I have this really nice blue cotton lawn, upcycled from a brand new blouse I picked up in a charity shop.   As I'm restricted in the amount of fabric I have, I couldn't make the dress with long floaty skirt that I'd envisaged. So I decided on something that was still summery, but a bit more brief.

I started off with shorts, to wear underneath, and I decided to make them look more bloomers-y, with ruffles, so they can peep out from under the skirt of the dress I'll make to match.

I'm happy with this look.   The lawn I used is very new, so looked a bit stiff in the ruffles, so I wetted those and twisted them up to get a slightly worn look. I love to do this with fabric, you can get a really nice shabby effect by this simple process, and it seems to fit better with the scale of the doll than voluminous frills.

I'll finish these little shorts off with a silver nailhead to cover the stitching on the waistband, where the snap was sewed on.  I may dig out some narrow cotton lace too... or head to Ebay to find some.

Next I made the dress bodice by shortening the bodice pattern I've designed, to make a higher-waisted dress; and creating some longish, almost elbow length, puff sleeves with cuffs.

This is a great bodice pattern. One of my finest, and the fit is just lovely :)

The puff sleeves look a bit too "leg of mutton" for the shape I wanted, so I've dampened them, and twisted them up to create more creases and tame the puffiness a bit.  I'll leave the bodice to dry overnight and carry on tomorrow.

But bed now. It's late. I'm old and tired.


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