( From part 2 )

And now it's done!  I've been holed up sewing for days, and this is one of the outfits I've completed.

I'll be making a few posts today, so I'm up to date. Which means they'll be short and sweet.... and mostly pictures.

This is available for sale on my Etsy:

I've discovered a love for pure cotton lace.  It's just gorgeous, and I can even dye it.  I still have lots of synthetic lace left, so I'll use it up, but anything new I buy, I think will have to be cotton or rayon.


( From part 1 )

All done.  I'm so happy with this it's hard to sell it.  But I need the cash, so *sigh*.

Available on my Etsy:

I might make another version of this. Possibly in safe fabrics so I don't have to line EVERYTHING.  


raccoons_rags: (Rachel)
( Jul. 9th, 2012 04:53 pm)

These are available for sale in my Etsy store:

I resurrected the red leotard and green shorts, did a few final pieces of sewing, added snaps, and the outfit is complete:

And I had some lovely fabrics from Spoonful.  the organic cotton knit is gorgeous, but less stretchy than some of my stretch fabrics, so this leotard is a little tight to pull onto the doll, but it's still a really nice garment, so I've put it up for sale at a slightly reduced price:

The print is Jungle Pink by one of my favourite designers: art_is_us, on SF.

I have another piece of fabric by that artist, but I'll make sure the leotard pattern is p-e-r-f-e-c-t before I use it.