Puir wee thing has been sat sitting on my shelf for a while, clinging to her panda and looking neglected.  But today a new wig arrived for her.  I liked the blonde one, but I really think brown looks so much better on her.  It looks warmer somehow and matches the colour of her brows better.

She's a very melancholy little one, is Maisie. It's a good job she has happy humbug to cheer her up.

As an afterthought, and because the standard MSD size wigs of 7-8 all seem too big for my JID's, I tried the old blonde wig on Rachel.   Whoa!  Not only did it fit perfectly (it's only a 6-7) but Rachel is a bit of a blonde bombshell in this. She looks very sultry and seductive as a platinum blonde.  I really like the look.

In fact I liked it so much I took lots of pictures, but won't post them ALL here. Just a couple.  I cropped out the ponytail in the picture, which looks even nicer:

I think I'ma gonna go get her some more light blonde wigs :)  Or possibly even make some.


raccoons_rags: (Rachel)
( Jul. 12th, 2012 11:05 pm)

So yes, I've done my third Spoonflower leotard. The design is "Cool Garden", again by art_is_us, who has plenty of lovely designs I'd love to buy, and in fact have.  I ordered the same design in a smaller scale to make a nice floaty skirt to go with the leotard.

......  Now it's just a case of waiting for WEEKS while SF print it up and ship it from the USA.  I wish they had a European outlet.

Here it is. I'm delighted with the way the pattern falls, particularly those little daisies in the design.  Yes. This time it was careful pattern cutting that got the flowers where I wanted them, rather than fluke.

Is it me or does it look particularly nice with the blonde wig?

Anyway, here are the sisters in their matching wigs.  Maisie thinks the leotard is very pretty and where's hers please?