....Now has more fabric for sale:)

My swatches arrived today, all in one go, so they're all proofed and approved, and now available.

The shabby chic paisley print came out well, I like the washed-out faded look, and the mottled background.

Purple paisley on Kona cotton:

And red paisley on cotton silk:

And an odd one that I designed in my early Spoonflower days "Glass Door".  A friend on Flickr quite liked it, so I took advantage of the cheap June swatches to proof it.  Everyone who sees it likes it, it's not one of my favourites, but it takes all sorts.

Then there's the Steampunk collection, which I love.  I want to make full-skirted doll dresses from it, in cotton voile, and sweaters for boy dolls.

And as an update on my last blog entry. The purple skirt I started turned out wrong, poorly fitting, and just crap.  So I binned it in a fit of pique.

We shall never speak of it again.




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