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( Jul. 19th, 2012 11:20 pm)

I just ordered a new BJD. :D   It's a Luts Kid Delf,  the sculpt is Apple, who's a boy, but I've got the girl body, and ordered a custom faceup for her.  She's also in the new Special Real Brown skin. Scrummy.

She's a complete custom, so I've no actual picture to show,  but here's the sculpt with the default face up.  this photo is the property of the Luts website, and I'm making no profit in using it.

ADORABLE. I hope the custom face up is good.

So yes, I now have to bounce off the walls for a month until I can afford the next two dolls I want.  This one will take about 2 months to be made and delivered too.  I'll post about the next two as and when.  I’m saving my pennies HARD.




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