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( Sep. 1st, 2012 08:54 pm)

Due to the pressure of the Atos medical assessment, I've been a tad poorly and neglectful of my blog, but it went as okay as I'd dared hope, so the worst is over.  Unless I get put back in the WRA group. ARGH.Then I'll have a fight on my hands.... but enough of that.  Doll stuff.  Much more therapeutic.

I've recently had my first fat quarter bundle from Sponflower, and I'm delighted. This will make four lovely dresses for whatever lucky dolly I'm in the mood to sew for.  I'm hoping my Luts Kid Delf Apple will arrive soon, it's been almost seven weeks. She's going to get spoiled rotten.

This fabric is available HERE.  (Shameless sales pitch)

The four-quarter yard of voile:

Pixel by Pixel:

Forest Floor:

Collage Ditzy:

Paisley Script:

I clearly have lots of sewing to do.


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( Sep. 1st, 2012 09:03 pm)

This one is for my large-busted JID girl, Rachel.   It was a bit more tricksy to get the initial pattern pieces on this doll, and there are nine panels, instead of the seven panels in the previous Ellowyne Wilde corset.

The first draft was a complete write-off. And very frustrating. I was so bitter and twisted about it in the end that I didn't even bother with  pictures, I re-drew where the seams should go, and chopped it up to make more pattern pieces.

The second looked much better, and if we don't make mistakes in the first attempt, we don't learn how to get the second attempt right.

I felt smug:

Then for the "proper"  corset, I hand sewed all the panels, and the lining panels, topstitched by hand, and instead of boning (which I don't have) I used fine cotton cords to stiffen the garment a little.  It's a miracle the topstitching is so neat, my hands have been very wobbly lately.

I was almost squirming with delight when I tried the finished item on the doll!  :D

I love these seam lines:

The skirt is made in a lovely fabric by the very talented art_is_us on Spoonflower.  I need to style it a bit, maybe add decor, then I'll show pictures.  I'm also going to make armlets for Rachel too. Just like the Ell ones, hopefully.




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