I love this.  I've bought some fabrics and might try to make a series of them.  I want to make hats, bloomers, and try out puff sleeves too.

Here she is in the finished dress with its underskirt.  This turned out better than I'd ever expected!  Her eyes are a beautiful blue, they almost look lilac, and go so nicely with the bow.

And one in front of the sewing machine, because it matches.

This is why I have to make purple stuff.  Everything else will clash with my sewing machine. 

I'm still wondering if I should spend a pile of money on a really good computerised machine.  I've never been able to own anything but the basic models before, but now it's within my grasp if I save hard.

I'm using this little mini machine a lot more, but it's very limited, and doesn't even have a light.




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