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( Nov. 26th, 2012 01:23 am)

So after some serious attention paid to Hunoi, I'm finally in love with him.  I sueded him with hot glue so his joints pose a bit better, he's still tricksy to stand up in bare feet, but he stands perfectly in his boots.  I put his original eyes back in, and I noticed they're a bit crappy and not quite identical, so that might explain why I can't get his eyes to stop looking squiffy.   I'll try some others in a bit.

I bought some Gracefaeire patterns to try and make him some pants.  But the patterns I bought were not quite in his size, and rather than adapt someone else's work, I went back to my own work, and adapted a pair of jeans I fully designed and made for my JID Xander.  It didn't take much tweaking and the first pair were fine, but I wanted them skinnier, so this pair is my second attempt, I'm pretty happy with them, and can't get them any skinnier without using stretch denim, otherwise they won't go over his feet.

They are just very basic denim pants at the mo.  But I shall jeans-ify them now I have a good basic pattern.  I quite like the idea of making denim cargo pants, but those little pockets are so darn fiddly.  We'll see what mood I'm in next time I sew.

Front - I like them tucked in his Docs:

Back - nice shape over his butt:

In fact his tush looks dead cute in these:

He can even sit down in them:

Aaaaand it was at this point I got sidetracked by taking loads of more intimate shots of my boy.

Er, yah.  I think it's safe to say I'm now smitten.




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