Ack. Apologies for the blurry pictures, but my hands have been really shaky lately.

Corset, romantic skirt and armlets.   I'm so happy with this first outfit of it's kind, that I'll leave it without any décor. (Unless of course I change my mind, fickle, fickle me)

The skirt fabric is designed by  the lovely art_is_us []  whose fabrics are addictive.

I'm using my sewing machine a bit more, but it doesn't seem to get the outfits made any faster!  Maybe the armlets went a bit quicker, but I still have to gather by hand, sew the corset entirely by hand, and add the details manually too.

The wig is an Ellowyne Wilde one.  It looks like it fits, but it's really too tight, it's even too tight for Ell, annoyingly.  Although I do like Rachel in long red hair more than I thought I would.

I bought this fabric from the lovely art_is_us over at Spoonflower.

You can see her flickr here: []

It's the cotton voile and is lovely to work with.  Nice and easy to crinkle up, so it falls in soft folds around the doll's legs.

I love it.  Yum.

It looks like Photobucket is down,  so I’ve had to embed the media from my flickr.




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