I've been on a roll with these little dresses.  compared with the Ell and JID corset sets I've been making, they feel like fun projects to do, and it takes less time.  I love these, and am hoping to make 6 all together.

Working on the underskirt for the aqua set.  I'm using the sewing machine for the straight side seams of skirts, and sometimes the hem, but all the other sewing I've been doing by hand.  I feel that it gives me lots more control, because my mini machine speed isn't variable, so I can't go slowly.

Three little dresses on my dollieh shelves :D  All with properly lined bodices. The aqua one is waiting for the trim I ordered, but the cream/floral one and the lilac one are finished.  I'm pleased with the puff sleeves on the lilac one.  Lordy but are those sleeves a lot of work to gather up and set in. 

The next three will be in sky blue blue, rich red,  and pink.  Some will have bloomers instead of underskirts, because I <3 bloomers.




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