I have SO been neglecting my bod lately.  I've been posting most of my pictures to my Flickr but I shouldn't let this slide too much.

Any old how,  I've been pretty unwell lately but have been doing a bit of sewing.  I had an Etsy sale go bad on me recently and it feels like it's sucked all the fun out of selling my outfits.  So I'll make some for my own poor naked dollies and if they turn out beautifully and I fel like it, I'll list them for sale.

I made this dress for my newest dollieh, a Luts KDF (Apple sculpt) who I've named Katie.  It's entirely my own pattern, one which I made for my Ellowyne dolls.  Ell stuff seems to fit KDF perfectly. I'm so pleased I don't have to redraft a load of patterns.  I adore Katie, and now I want a bunch of KDF's.  Her wig is new too, so soft and lovely.

The fabric is a cotton voile from Spoonflower.  The print is my own design, and I'm happy with how it looks. Nice and ethnic, I love the skirt on this and would actually wear it myself if I had a Raccoon-sized one.

And this is an Ell factory top, along with a denim bakerboy hat I designed and made - also for Ell. 

Some flared jeans I designed and made for Ell look great on Katie as well:

I have three more fat quarters of my own special prints from spoonflower, I think Katie might end up getting all of them as dresses.

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