I have some more Spoonflower fabric to use up on slim MSD's  so here's Katie modelling my handwriting collage fabric.  It's my own writing with an art pen and flower stencils that I cut myself and scanned into my computer, then I made Gimp brushes out of them.  I really like this, I might reduce the scale a bit next time though.

Also - a simple project like making stockings and long gloves might seem simple. But I had to make three pairs of gloves and FOUR pairs of stocking before I got the pattern right.  Le sigh.   But the end result is nice.

KDF hands are rather big, so the gloves have to be made a bit loose just to get them over the fingers.  I'll try these on my JID's too. One pattern that fits all is always a good thing.

I finished up with a white lawn petticoat.  the waist is waiting fro some trim, as is the precious dress I made.  I had to order some ribbon so when that gets here I can put my new dolly ensemble on Etsy :)


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