I love Kid Delfs. I just love 'em.   Don't get me wrong, I love my Iplehouse dolls too, but three's something about Katie that I just adore.  she's fun to pose, fun to sew for and I haven't put a wig on her yet that doesn't look good.

Heh. That might be because I'm picky about wigs, but I just can't get enough of my KDF.  I want more.  I want Lemon and Darae, and maybe even a boy, like Bory or Yuz. 


I'm also far more excited than a 47 year old woman should be because my new soulkids (Hunoi and Arina) have cleared UK customs.  Yay.  I hope I like them as much.    I wish Iplehouse dolls had slimmer bodies too, I'd buy a ton of them.   As it is I'm still tempted by the newish JID  Kassia, complete with small bust and freckles. 

Here's my lil' poser Katie in a dress I've yet to finish.  It's in vintage broderie anglaise lawn - and it's for my Arina when she arrives, if it fits her.  Katie and me both kinda hope it doesn't.   I'll be making gloves and stocking to go with it but the fabric is still in the post.  I have nothing to sew atm and I'm bored so I reeled off a lot of shots for something to do.

I've also been spending far too much money on new wigs and shoes for my dolls lately, I'm supposed to be saving for a minifee and can't decide which sculpt to get, Mirwen or Shushu.  Mirwen is so beautiful but her eyebrows bug me and I won't get a feceup done by anybody who isn't UK based or Ill get scalped for customs charges.  Shushu has a more interesting and still lovely face, but I’m not so keen on the default facup for her either.

Oh well.  I'll make up my mind once I've saved the pennies and now I've babbled, so here's Katie: (More of her on my Flickr)

I don'[t have any good props or nice backdrops for photos, so I tend to just try to take nice clear shots of my dolliehs looking like dolliehs, ie gracing my desk or perched on my teeny sewing machine.

Photobucket is shite now they've changed it.  It takes several clicks to get the damn photo link.





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