I'm not posting this box opening on DOA, because to be really honest? I felt a little disappointed in my two new Soul Doll Soulkids who arrived today.  That notwithstanding I took some shots for posterity.

Obligatory box shot:

The inner packaging is rather sumptuous.  Souldoll include a random wig per doll, and because mine were delayed, I got two free pairs of eyes.  Katie will get those because she is my favourite and is spoiled.

Here's Hunoi (I will be calling him Caleb)   I have three reasons for being disappointed.  One, the sandy brown skintone is much paler than I was expecting.  I imagine it's similar to the Peach gold that Iplehouse produce, I was hoping it would be closer to their Special Real Skin, or even Luts Real Skin Brown, buuut it's pale.  I'm SO glad I didn't order the normal skintone.  that would have been even paler.

Two,The NL body is a bit disappointing. It's not actually that poseable.  Not in a standing position anyway. The legs are strung in an odd way that gives them little directional movement.  I can get my Luts KDF into some great poses, but not these guys. In fact it's hard to get them to stand up at all without shoes.  they are very wobbly and fall over far too easily.   The hands and feet have limited movement too. 

Three, the eyes don't seem to fit very snugly against the open part of the eye.  not as well as my IH dolls or my Luts girl.

Overall, the dolls are leggy, willowy and beautiful, but it feels like Soul Doll have sacrificed functionality for that beauty.

Here's Hunoi:

I wasn't do keen on the default eyes so I changed them to golden hazel ones.  The wig he came with is lovely, but not what I had in mind, so I stole the one that Rachel was wearing and put it on him.  I love the colour on him, and the eyes.

Not to be outdone, Rachel claimed his wig, and it does look great on her - in fact there's not a single wig I've put on her that doesn't suit her,  I SWEAR, this girl could put a tea-cosy on her head and she'd look awesome.

Next, Arina.   (I think I'll call her Leah)   Same problems witht he posing and the standing.  Also, I'm not sure about the sculpt in real life. I hope it grows on me.  I keep looking at the Arina pictures on the Soul doll website, and the face-up just does NOT look like the one I've been given.  The lipstick is a cheap nasty red and I don't like the red blush either.  The eyes look too small because they haven't been shaded as nicely as the doll images on the site.  I would save and get her a beret face-up, but to be honest, I don't want to spend tons of money on a doll I might still not like. *Le sigh*

Otherwise, I'll be way too tempted to just put Caleb's/Hunoi's head on her body....

Here she is bald. Her eyes are squiffy and I need to adjust them or change them, but I'll do that tomorrow once I've tried bonding with her a bit.  I like the shot here with Caleb in the background.  They're both going to be brother and sister, they just wouldn’t fit in as relatives of my other dolliehs:

And I dressed her in an outfit I made specially for her.  I liked the white outfits the original limited pair were sold in, so I might just make them a load of white clothes.   I want angel wings for Caleb too.

I'm not so keen on this wig. It's one of the random ones Souldoll sent with the doll, and frankly it's a bit tatty.  I’ll have to overhaul it. 

I'm going to try hard to bond with these dolls, but I won't be buying any more from Soul Doll.   I'm going to indulge my love of KDF's and get Katie some little friends.  

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