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Name:Raccoon's Rags
Birthdate:Feb 18
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:eBay sales
(Raccoon's Rags:- formerly Haute Petits)

I make doll clothes and accessories. My work takes a while to complete because ALL sewing is done by hand. I do own a mini sewing machine, but I'm too terrified of it to use it on small scale works.

Update 17/06/12: Lately I've been asked by several people about where I'm finding my patterns. Well, I'm making them the hard way. The finger-pricking, sewing-the-same-thing-over-and-over-again way. So I'd be grateful if people stopped thinking of my hard work as the rightful property of anyone who happens to swing by and ask. In fact, PLEASE READ THIS:

I'd love to be handed free perfect doll clothing patterns too.

Link to my EBay auctions: 
Link to my EBid auctions:
Link to my Spoonflower fabrics:

Haute Petits doll garments are hand-stitched from my own tried and tested patterns in top quality fabrics and threads. such as the beautiful 100% cottons used for quilt-making and patchwork. Both of these crafts are associated with the longevity of the finished product and the materials reflect that. All seams are started and finished off properly and will not unravel (like many factory-made dolls outfits)and all raw edges are sealed with fray-check. Please be aware that although my doll garments are of what I consider to be heirloom quality, and are made to last, they're made with the careful adult collector in mind, and are not suitable for small children.

Quality materials aren't cheap, such as kid leather, fabric, threads and trimmings. So much hard work and meticulous attention to detail is put into each ensemble. It can take up to 4 or 5 days to complete a simple garment: and weeks or even months for a whole outfit. My items are not the cheapest, but buyers will see that the quality speaks for itself.

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