((Continued from part 2))


It's late and I'm worn out after watching the Diamond Jubilee pop concert on TV, so I'll be brief.  Unless I ramble.... which is always possible.

To finish off the denim shorts, I top-stitched around the waistband and fly.  Then sewed on a small snap fastener and stuck on a nailhead to mimic a jeans button:

Something missing? Why yes.  The denim was too thick to attempt making fabric belt loops, so I hand stitched some buttonhole loops.  Now they're done!

They really are a perfect fit around the back too, and I'm a happy bunny.  I've designed the pattern to be worn the way blokes tend to wear jeans, slightly low on the hips, and the crotch hangs lower than it would on a girl. 

They look great, but the denim I had to use is really too thick, so they're not as perfect as I'd have liked. the khaki fabric however, is just divine, even though it's a tight weave and tough to stitch. It's thin and is the perfect scale for dolls, and the waistband didn't end up too bulky.

Here's the khaki pair, given the same treatment with top-stitching, fastener and embellishments.  I added double belt loops for a different look, and decided against turn-ups, because I like the longer skater-boy style more.  I couldn't avoid the moire effect in the pictures:

The side seams are all good, and you can just about see that the waistband is much flatter:

And the back. Still a really good fit even in much thinner fabric.  Believe me, thickness of fabric can really affect how a garment fits.

And he's finally decent! Sorry about the poor quality shot, but it's late, I'm tired, my hands are shaking, and I should be in bed. I seem to be addicted to blogging as well now.

Next, hmm.  Either shorts for Rachel, or a teeshirt for this lad, who is probably called Xander now. The name seems to have stuck better.  I'm slightly alarmed that Rachel's head seems much looser, and her arms are loosely strung, so don't hold poses well - which means I'm putting off bonding with her.  I need to tighten that elastic, and suede some of her joints really.  I just want to sew, dammit.


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