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( Jan. 4th, 2012 07:08 pm)
I write from my new Dreamwidth journal.

So yes, whilst I acknowledge I'm woefully slack when it comes to dolly blogging, I do like to have my journal available for when the mood strikes. I've just had it with LJ, after the recent unnecessary changes, the gung ho attitude of the staff, the constant ignoring of its userbase, and the patronising attitude. I'm done with LJ.

My Haute Petits stuff has been imported to Dreamwidth for the sake of posterity, and I'll be deleting this LJ account soon. This post is really just to give the LJ f-list a chance to know where I went.  I could even end up on Blogspot at some point, as that's where a good number of doll artists seem to have made their home. We shall see.

But anyway, Happy New Year to my f-list, and goodbye forever LJ.



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