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( Apr. 13th, 2012 09:20 pm)
Well, my camera is dead, so I've finally edited some images that have been hanging around on my hard drive, waiting to be looked at.   My two favourite doll fashion makers are Martha Boers at the Antique Lilac website, and Magalie Dawson, over at MHD Designs.

I have a stack of Magalie's patterns for Ellowyne, and wil also be getting some BJD ones at some point.  But todays inspiration was from Martha Boers.  She is just. Amazing. Really inspirational and generous of spirit.  You can find some lovely detailed tutorials on her website, and galleries of the most beautifully crafted doll clothing imaginable.

I was looking at her renaissance style gowns for BJD's, and I felt inspired to make something similar for my poor naked Moxie's, who were dressed in Barbie cast-offs, and bits of rag.  Mine are nothing like hers, alas, but I'm pleased with my own self-drafted patterns, they worked quite well.

I also made two wigs in Tibetan lambskin mohair - from a tutorial on Martha's website.  I love these, they're gorgeous to cut and style, and so realistic.

First up is Tristen, in a green under-dress, with a cream over-gown, and a brown mohair wig.  The wig needs further styling, and I really will get around to that. Really. what I really want to make is a circlet for her head, but need to sit down and make myself work out the best way to do it.

The over-gown is incomplete, it needs hemming and some braids and/or embroidery. But I'm in love with the seed bead buttons and hand embroidered button loops.  They're finickety to sew, but worth the time it takes.

Next is Mel.  I made her a gown in unbleached crinkle cotton, which drapes nicely and shapes well, if you spray it with water.  I added lacet braid to the bodice for the lace-up look, and made golden earrings to finish the look.

Her wig is properly styled, and I made a working hair ornament to tie it back.  Silk roses hide a multitude of sins!

When I have some cash, I realise I need to invest in more tiny trimmings, braids and lace, so I can embellish my outfits.  They're well-sewn, I'm good at that and will not be modest about it, but compared to other doll designers, they can look a bit plain.



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