(( From part 2 ))

Whew.  been having more fun with this outfit, which is quickly gaining new bots and pieces all the time.   Having made the basics of the dress and belt, I managed to draw up a pattern for an open-fronted  jacket/cardigan.   I love it when a pattern works on the first draft! 

Stitching the bits together.

I have an odd habit when making doll clothes. I like to put the garment on the doll and spray it with water.  That way it seems to make a better fit to the dolls body and looks more natural.  Pressing is great - you should press each and every seam, as it's done, for a professional result; but drying a damp garment on the doll overnight really helps in some cases.

The fabric turned a bright pink when wet, really it's a mid rose pink.

Front:  I wanted the jacket open, but pinned it when wet to shape the fronts better.

And the back:  I really like the shape of this cropped jacket.

And once it's all nice and dry, it looks quite a bit paler - and is very cute with the dress:

After that, it's time for some decor! My favourite part of putting a dolly ensemble together. 

I had some pale pink fabric flowers, which I stained with dilute silk paint:

Then I found some matching rose pink rhinestones, stuck them into the flower centres, and added some to the skirt:

Then some braid for the jacket, and one single flower to tie in with the skirt:

Next, it needs the perfect little hat, some boots, gloves, and jewellery.  Possibly a bag too.  I'm in danger of filling this sketchbook up with just one outfit, but I can't stop thinking of things to add.


(( Part 4 ))