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( May. 18th, 2012 01:15 pm)
Well, I finally got the email from IH yesterday, to say my dollies have been shipped! Which is lovely, but the next thing to overcome is the usual bout with customs.  I hope they don't stick me for too much duty.

Now their arrival is a tad more imminent, I find myself not wanting to make anything for my other dolls.  Having invested quite a bit in lovely new fabrics for the little BJD family,  it sort of feels like I'm 'wasting' my materials and my mental effort.  So instead I'm sitting at the computer, looking up Gracefaerie patterns and comparing measurements.  I like Gracefaerie.  I have only one pattern so far, but it was a beautiful fir for Ellowyne Wilde, like the lady said it would be :)   Also, Joni is delightful to deal with, and is always happy to help with any potential problems when sewing the outfits.  I can't recommend them highly enough.

I'm also hovering around the Iplehouse website, having spotted another doll I'd absolutely love.  She's an SID, Eva sculpt, and the freckles face-up option (C) is to die for.   I find the SID size just a bit too big for my tastes though, but IH offer a sightly smaller YID body with SID heads. God. I love you Iplehouse. 

Here she is.  Photograph was swiped from the IH website.

Unfortunately, I've also sort of fallen in love with Felix.  Another SID, so I have a size issue again, but IH are working on a new YID boys body, so I'm hoping they'll offer that with the Felix head.

He's so damned handsome. He and Eva will make a lovely couple... I'd better get saving again.

(Tracking one's parcel is quite fun, I must say. My dolls are now on a plane, hopefully destination UK, and not Timbuktu or somewhere....)




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