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( May. 21st, 2012 12:34 pm)
The Iplehouse parcel has now hit customs, I await the ransom note.

So I'm still trying not to embark on any new outfits until the BJD's arrive, and turned my hand to trying to make some ribbon flowers.  YouTube is amazing for learning a new craft.  I once learned how to bead in peyote stitch, and made a hat for a Pippa doll in one afternoon.

Who can ever be bored when they have internets?

The flowers went okay. Fiddly, and imperfect, I made a lot of rubbish before I had two usable flowers.  I've erm, ordered silk ribbon from Ebay.  It's softer and more petal-like than satin ribbon, which tends to be a bit stiff unless it's rayon or silk.   Most standard craft ribbon is made from acetate or some other man made fibre, and synthetic fibres just don't handle like natural ones. I also bought more beads, some more cotton lawn, and new vanishing ink pens - as mine have run out.

And a mini glue gun. Because, yeah.  I really need one. *Le sigh*

Anyway, here are the flowers:

I've also rekindled my love for Spoonflower.  It's a great idea for people who want to have fabrics printed to their own design, with reasonable prices and no job too small.

There used to be this fantastic option, when ordering fabric, enabling the buyer to scale down the size of the fabric prints.  I stopped loving Spoonflower when they took away that function, crying "designer integrity", but I think they've ruined a really unique selling point.  They also disabled right click, which winds me up a treat.  It's easy to nick someone's designs using the "print screen" keyboard button, so when sites disable right clicking, it only serves to stop one opening up links in new tabs.

That aside, I can't find a pretty floral design on a yellow background that I like, so I created one.

And a neutral colourway too:

I've ordered a swatch, and will put the fabric up for sale once I've approved it.  Spoonflower won't let people sell their designs until they're bought a swatch and proofed it.  This is eminently sensible, and stops people selling badly thought-out designs, because they have to pay five dollars plus postage to proof their work.  It also stops people churning out lots of the same design to get noticed and spamming up the site.  Rather like Ebay sellers who list the same item fifty times, instead of listing it once with the 'fifty available' option. Planks.

Excuse my opinionated ranting today.

Here's my Spoonflower page, so you can see my fabric designs, so you can see my dubious repeat pattern skills. I actually trained in fabric design, I flunked college, heh.  Not all are for sale as I can't afford to proof every one, although it's good to be able to try out rough ideas, and proof the best ones.


(( From part 6 ))

I took so many pictures, that I'll only post a few here, but they're all on my Photobucket, should anyone feel the need to go and peek.

I made a pile of bracelets, and a couple of necklaces to finish it off. All nice and easy to do, but fiddly, as is most of my work.  this is definitely my showpiece outfit. I seriously doubt the next one will be as good, but I'm so fired up over the Iplehouse dolls, that it might be pretty good.

I'm so satisfied with my new camera too, I'm rubbish at photography, and this does it all for me. All I have to do is make sure there's good lighting, and that my hands don't shake.  I have a perfectly good tripod, but I'm too lazy to fish around under the bed for it. So for every good picture here, and on my Photobucket, there are four or five blurry ones I had to delete.

My BJD's are still in customs.  I really hope I get the ransom note this week, so I can pay the blue meanies and get my babies home.


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