As promised to [personal profile] jul_steele   many moons ago!  

Images of my Monster Hight Draculaura repaint, with her mohair wig.

Mohair wigs are fun to make, I'll post the process of how I do it at some point, by Martha Boers has a great tutorial over at Antique Lilac.

To care for the wigs, once they're made I do the following:

1) I comb them through as gently as possible.  With natural mohair, there will always be some hair that comes out, but it is thick and resilient, so should not dwindle away to a few threads.  In fact sometimes, against my better nature, I have to YANK the comb through the skins to get them smooth, and it hasn't harmed my wigs at all.

2)  Get a squirty-spray  bottle, and mix a little normal hair conditioner with some water in it, just enough so the liquid feels a bit slippery when you rub your fingers together.  Any cheap hair conditioner is fine, and don't use too much, around one part conditioner to five parts water is fine.  But you don't have to be exact.  I use an old pump-action spray bottle that once held hair setting lotion.

3) Spray the mohair wig with the solution, and comb through. This makes the hair smoother and easier to handle, but gets wet and messy, so have a towel handy, I put an old but clean one across my lap.

4) Just let the wig dry naturally, once combed into shape.  You can in theory style the hair as it's natural, but I haven't tried that yet, I go for a natural ringlet look with my girls.

5) Once the conditioner is in the hair and dried, it is easy to re-spray the wig again and again to comb through.  Mohair gets very fluffy if you comb it when dry, the dampening just keeps it under control, or refreshes the smoother look.

6) Enjoy! I love playing with dollies hair, and maybe I'm odd, but I find doing so very soothing.

Wild untameable hair is all very romantic looking:

But she doesn't look too happy about it:

Once it's dampened and restyled.... well, okay. So she still doesn't look ecstatic, but I think she appreciates the effort: =^^=