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( May. 23rd, 2012 02:32 pm)
((From part 1))

The lilac bows I got from Ebay arrived today, so I set about finishing off the BID boots.

First I had to carefully pull off the PVC bows from the boots.  I pressed against the boot PVC and tugged slowly and gently at the bow, so I didn't split or tear the boot material.   It looks messy, but that's the remains of the bow part, not great gouges in the boot itself.  The mess will all be re-covered, and provides purchase for the glue.

I'll keep the old bows. One never knows when one will urgently require a white PVC bow.

With the ribbon bows, I had to take off the white pearl beads to replace them with purple ones to match the ones I've already stitched to the boot.  Of course the bows fell apart once I did that. Murphy's law. So I had to remake them.

Next I stitched on the beads:

to attach the new bows to the beads I tried to stitch, as I prefer good solid stitching to glue, if it's possible.  But the boot material was far too thick at that point, so I had to use glue.  Aleene's white tacky glue is the best stuff to use, and once dry the bows are on there to  stay.

I like them much better now :)  More lilac than white.  I have a lilac outfit planned for Serca, when she gets here... and I even bought her a couple of teddies on Ebay last night.  Lordy, just keep me of Ebay when I'm tired.


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( May. 23rd, 2012 03:33 pm)

... All the stuff you ordered online arrives, and quite by accident, it coordinates beautifully.

Fabric, hand dyed silk ribbon and pearls.  Scrummy.

And oh my god. This fabric. Let me tell you about it.  I love to work with fine natural fibres, like cotton lawn and crinkle muslin (cheesecloth)  I found this on Ebay, and as it was cotton lawn in a nice neutral shade, I ordered a metre.   It's nothing like the usual lawn, not even Liberty's Tana lawn.  It's slightly heavier, but still paper thin, and it's not as crisp. It's just perfectly soft, smooth and the drape is just lovely.  I went back to that Ebay store and ordered six more meters of the stuff.  I can play with it, bleach it, over-dye it and use it for many, many, dolly items.

On the selvage is printed "Moon Textile batik lawn", so I googled them to find out if I could buy more.  It seems they're a an Asian company who produce these exquisite fabrics for things like sarees and scarves. I can't seem to find a UK outlet for them though, which makes me sad. 

Very sad. 

It's just the most perfect fabric. I would buy so darn much of it..

*Le sigh*




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