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( May. 24th, 2012 08:02 pm)

Today I received some fabrics I ordered. (Yes more.  Well, when my BJD's get here I'll be sewing again)  They're like a cross between lawn and muslin, pure cotton, and are lovely.   However the turquoise length  was a deep shade, and I had hoped it would be  paler.... So out comes the bleach.  I also bleached some of the beige lawn from yesterday's photograph.  It went swimmingly. I now have a pale turquoise fabric that looks nice and uneven. I love unevenly dyed things, it's very boho and shabby chic.

Then I got the bug and hauled out the dye kit my  father bought me for my birthday. Pulled out some fabrics and trims from my stash, and dyed a selection purple.

The purple looked to dark to me, so my next bright idea was to bleach some of the pieces out a bit.  But then the bleached bits turned a light-ish indigo.  I was slightly disappointed, but once washed, dried and ironed, all the bits and pieces looked really nice together. Like one of those "Inspiration packs" people sell for an exorbitant fee.  Make your own inspiration, that's what I say.  Photos will be forthcoming but I'm sore and tired after standing all day washing, rinsing, bleaching, and rinsing again.

500 times.


Okay, not really. It still hurt my back though.

To relax, I sat and designed another Spoonflower fabric. I've had a bee in my bonnet about yellow fabric lately. And the reason is because when I was five or six, my mum made me a dress in a floral print on a yellow background. It had the kind of skirt that when I twirled around, it lifted. I adored it and always wanted to wear it. Forever.  One day I discovered my mum had thrown it out because I had outgrown it.  I was outraged and upset and probably scarred for life.  I would love to have that dress back to chop up for my dolls. 

My mother was wonderful and loving by the way. She just did these arbitrary things that all mums do without thinking sometimes.

Anyway, as best as I could, from memory,  I came up with a fabric design that I feel is very similar, it gives me the same summery floaty feeling when I look at the colours, so it is the best I can do.  And to be honest, I think the yellow on the actual dress was a wee bit more garish - we are talking very early 70's here - so subtlety is probably the better part of valour.




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