Mostly due to the imminent arrival of the Iplehouse dolls. At last!  God, it took 24 hours for the parcel to get from South Korea to Heathrow... Then it took almost two flippin' weeks for it to get from one end of some government/airport building to the other.  However, the customs charge is enough to make me forgive all.  It was much lower than I'd budgeted for, so the stress over that has dissipated.   My only anxiety now is whether or not Customs opened the parcel, or if the dolls are all in one piece with no hips or bumps.

So yes, I can't concentrate on anything today. I tidied my room and rearranged my doll shelves to accommodate the new arrivals; then I took come photographs of yesterday's experiment trying to crochet Ellowyne some summer ballet- style pumps. 

I'm kind of pleased with the way they turned out.  I don't have any patterns for my hat or shoes, I do have some for dresses, which I bought from the Barbiebasics website,  but I had the wrong size yarn for those and ended up designing up my own dress pattern anyway.  I work row by row, constantly trying the crochet against the doll for fit.  It's a nice thing about crochet that you can do that, it's not so easy with knitting, and crochet is far easier to unravel time and time again.  I also don't write down how I made things, so it's almost impossible to repeat them.  I should start doing that, but it's a pain.

Anyway, it took many, many, hours to produce a well-fitting shoe, but that's not the main problem, it's less difficult to make one shoe than it is to produce a second one exactly the same.

Here's the finished pair.  They look better in the picture than the ones I made, so I'm working on another more refined pair, and trying to write down the pattern as I go along!




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