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( Jun. 6th, 2012 03:19 pm)

I ordered some cheap MSD boots from china about six weeks ago, and had actually given up on ever getting them.  After a couple of emails, I agreed to wait a bit longer, and if by 6th June the boots still hadn't shown, I would get my money back, which was fair enough as I'd really thought they're lost somewhere and it wasn't the Ebay seller's fault.   So today they finally turn up, at the proverbial eleventh hour, and they're not bad for cheapies.

when I had my only other BJD, many moons ago. I swore that I'd never put a pair of black shoes on another one without some protective socks.  My last boy got badly stained feet, which I had to sand down, and it was annoying.

So For Xander, I whipped up a quick sock pattern, they're not hard to do, and stretch fabric is quite forgiving, here are the pics.

Socks being stitched - they always look a bit rubbish when they're not on the doll:

Socks on Xander - I know white socks are hardly cool, and wearing socks with shorts is a real fashion faux-pas, but I'd planned to make plenty of white undergarments for my little guys, to prevent staining.  I'm happy with these as it only took two pattern drafts, and I could still get away with making the pattern smaller, but these will do for now:

And here are his new boots :)   As I say, he looks a bit odd with great big Docs, white socks and denim shorts, but I couldn't wait to put them on him.  Once my lightweight denim arrives, he shall have proper jeans:

The only setback to these boots is that they're made Xander just a fraction too tall for the doll shelf. Gah. Which means I'll have to get the power drill out and adjust the height.  Which in turn means that the shelf above may not be tall enough for my Monster High dolls. Double gah.

I'll just have to proceed carefully.




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