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( Jun. 10th, 2012 08:40 pm)

I do actually feel quite guilty, because my BID Maisie is standing on the shelf, clutching Marshmallow the bunny, and looking sad, whilst her big bro and sis get new outfits.    Which is ridiculous, because Ripley, she's just a piece of plastic.   I do have plans for Maisie in the form of a cute outfit which is a free pattern from Antique Lilac, the Martha Boers blog.  But in the before laying into my beautiful new fabrics for it, I really felt the need to design decent shorts (hence trousers) and teeshirts/leotards/whatever for the bigger dolls.

Xander's teeshirt was accomplished today.  I measured him up carefully, sewd a rough tee in old fabric - which I hated and handles like a pig, it was so awful I didn't even bother photographing it.   But it did give me the information I needed to give the boy teeshirt a final tweak, and sew up a much nicer one.

This fits like a dream, and will be the basis for sweaters, tanks, and anything else of similar shape that I may think of.

Tee back: It's a bit tight to pull onto the doll, but I'll simply leave more space on the back seam in future:

And the front, yay:

It's made from some upcycled human-sized long sleeved teeshirt fabric, that's a wee bit on the thick side, lending itself more to a sweater ... which I'll make him at some point.  Any future teeshirts will be made from the proper fabrics.

As usual, I tried a few different shots, purely on the basis that he's so gorgeous:

What a handsome boy :)   I'm still saving for two more JID.  Tatiana and Jerome, and I've decided on custom faceups for them, with freckles.  They're going to be just heavenly.



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