Well, I downloaded a free pattern from Martha Boers to try out, and while I'm sure the pattern is perfect in every way, I think I have some issues with the scale at which my computer is printing patterns.  I know Linux doesn't like the printer driver for my HP printer much, or vice versa, so the first time I printed it out, cut the fabric, and sewed it up, it was much too big and it swamped Maisie somewhat.

It kind of looks okay in the pictures, but the back overlaps far too deeply, and the sleeves just don't look the right scale when compared to the photo that accompanies the free pattern:

The sleeves shouldn't stick up like that when I put the doll's arms down:

I was faced with messing around with different print scaling, which is irksome at best, so rather than mess around with someone else's pattern, I decided to just go back to the drawing board and design my own bodice for Maisie.

The first attempt, whilst promising, and beautifully sewn was too tight, especially around the armholes, which you can see from this picture:

So I redrafted the pattern and prepared some more fabric. I'm going to sew it up today and see how it looks. 

It's a lot of work, but a good bodice pattern is worth its weight in gold, because from that, one can design different styles and gradually work up to quite complicated patterns.    Besides, Maisie has no boobs and is relatively easy - I need the practice for Rachel.  Creating a fitted bodice with darts and bust shaping is a bit of a pain in the bum.

I wish I'd studied pattern cutting at college.


(( Part 2 ))


raccoons_rags: (stash)
( Jun. 12th, 2012 01:07 pm)

I recently designed a fabric over at Spoonflower.  the swatch arrived today, and it's really pretty!

The little blue flowers are a perfect cornflower blue, and will go so well with my pale blue denim that arrived today:

The bad news?  Well I've only been able to afford to put three or four fabrics up for sale, as you have to proof them before Spoonflower lets you sell them.   It's good because it stops people flooding the site with rubbish,  but the day I receive my swatch, I get an email from Spoonflower saying they're changing their colour software - so previously designed fabrics might differ slightly.


They've offered swatch proofing at one dollar per swatch (instead of five)  but it's damned annoying when my bank balance is so low.    Now I'm reluctant to sell the damned stuff in case it's so different that potential buyers are annoyed with me.  I just hope the difference isn't too great.

So I'm off to order $1 swatches now.  Double Grr.


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( Jun. 12th, 2012 09:16 pm)

I bought some wigs on Ebay, and the first one arrived today. :) It's a Leekeworld wig and the seller thinks it's possibly a limited edition model.  The quality is beautiful.

It's gorg on Rachel and will bep perfect with a romantic lacy dress.  I'm loving that braid detail:

Okay, so it's a tad big, even though it's a 7-8 inch wig, but I've heard that this size of wig can be a bit on the large side for JID's.

I'll have to make her a wig cap to go under it.  But I love it, and I love the colour :)