I was feeling somewhat bitter and twisted over Rachel's dress not working perfectly,,  so I took a break before I got so enraged with it that I did some real damage.   Luckily, the postman brought my fake fur today! So I was happy.  The pieces were much bigger than I expected, so yes, value for money, which is always nice.

I want black wigs for Rachel and Xander.  I recently made a mohair one for Xander, but the darn lambskin bled black dye everywhere!  I ended up with black fingers, ans therr are even black blobs on my carpet where I wet and a combed the mohair through.  THANK GOD I covered Xander with two layers of clingfilm before I wet and styled the wig.  the mess I could have made of him doesn't bear thinking about.

Always. Always cover your dolls with clingfilm, or plastic before doing anything damp with them. Always.  I lined the mohair wig, but I'm just too faint hearted to put it on him at all.

So fur it is then.

I love fur wigs.  Fur wigs are just gorgeous if made well. the fineness of the 'hair' goes well with the scale of the doll, you can sew it, glue it, add bits to it, use different colours together.  I've seen some awesome fur wigs made by doll artists that I thought I'd try something new.   I've made a few wigs in my time, but all plain, long-haired wigs.

My forst step is always to make a perfect felt cap to fit the dolls head.  Then I have my pattern for any future wigs I want to make.  The first felt cap I tried was too tight for a JID, but it fitted my BID perfectly. So Maisie has a wig pattern without me even trying.

Here are the girls being fitted:

Once I'd made a good cap for Rachel, I tried it on Xander, JID boys and girls are the same head size but I like to be sure.  Then I made a pattern and cut out some black fake fur.  Don't worry Xander, you shall have new hair, but I wanted to play with the possibilities on Rachel first.

Compared to Tibetan lambskin, fake fur is a dream to sew, and it was fairly easy to make the basic wig.  Wow. She looks so pretty with black hair:

Then I cut two small squares of fur fabric for bunches - or ponytails, whatever one calls them, rolled them up and stitched them closed, then put pins in the wig to mark where I wanted them to go.  Again, I kept forgetting to take pictures of the bunches as I went along. Grr.

I stitched the bunches firmly to the wig, and styled it:

I love this look!   It really lends itself to Mori Girl or Dolly Kei fashions, and Maisie will look adorable in this kind of style.  I can't decide if I like it with ribbons though.  I actually prefer it without, but I can make bead bobbles or something more sleek to go around the bunches.

And from the side:

So yes. I needed a success to make me carry on with the dress that's not working for me.  Now I have to go and play with that....


(( From part 2 ))


With the dress, I finished off the last tiers of the skirt and attached them, pressing the lot and trying it on Rachel for fit.   I hate the way the skirt sits there like a cone.  I used soft cotton lawn, but there's no drape.  I don't like the length either, so I made a petticoat to peep out from underneath,  But woe!  I had made the base of the top tier of the skirt too tight, so it looked terrible around the hips. I should have allowed more fabric for the width.  Bums.

So I was stuck with a lovely bodice that had a crap, conelike, stiff skirt:

BUT.  I remembered the virtues of dampening fabric, which can make it heavy, so one can style it a bit, much like hair.  Which I did, and made something that looked like a coathanger to dry it on.  for this skirt, when it was wet, I scrunched it up and wrung it out hard, so that it formed many crinkles.  I like crinkle fabrics, they're great for doll skirts:

It worked!   Once dried and put on the doll, the skirt looked much more natural and to scale:

I erm, still detested the lethgth though.  So I measured out another rufle, and an extension, and attached it to the dress, re-wet it, and put it on the doll to dry.  I know she's not protected in clingfilm, but the leg end has no sealer or paintwork to ruin, and the fabric is vintage, washed many times, so it doesn't run - I did test it to make sure.

Don't do this on your BJD.  For all that money you paid - really - don't risk it. ESPECIALLY if yours has body blushing, which mine doesn't.  I'm just too impatient to see Rachel in it.

With her new wig!  :D  *Happydance*

Much better for length. MUCH.  I'm now very happy with this dress, and may make a belt or sash for it at some point.