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( Jun. 25th, 2012 01:05 pm)

Spoonflower have recently changed the software they use for their colour printing, so for all of June, until the 30th, fabric test swatches have been only $1 instead of $5.  I've already made use of this to proof patterns I couldn't afford to proof, so I can offer them for sale.

The offer runs out in five days, so I took the opportunity to get my moneys worth by creating a new design.  It's kind of steampunk, with watch parts and alchemy symbols in four colourways.  I love it on the monitor, but I hope the swatches turn out okay. One can never quite tell.

Here's a preview:

I've ordered a couple of the 8 inch swatches in each colour, because you can't do much with one, and a couple of them should be just enough to make tee shirts or leotards for the JID's.


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( Jun. 25th, 2012 07:06 pm)

After the success with Rachel's wig, it was Xander's turn.  I can't believe how good looking these dolls are with black hair - which I think I've said before, but it still stands.

firstly I made him a plain black wig, then cut it into style.  I wish I'd left the bits around his neck just a little longer to hide the neck bump when I tilt his head to one side, but despite that, it still looks nice:

I just love taking pics of my BJDs:

Then I decided to have a go at a two-tone wig.  I've seen some doll artists online who make some really creative fur wigs using lots of different colours, but when you look on Etsy or Ebay, they seem quite scarce. 

My first attempt came out very nicely,  I'll keep these patterns and try putting the bits of fabric together in different ways.  I decided to keep this wig long, so both Xander and Rachel can wear it.

I trimmed the fringe a wee bit.  It looks good, but I sort of wish I hadn't now. I liked it better untouched in the picture above.  But hey-ho, we live and learn:

From the sides:

And the back:

Very pleased. I've also ordered some blonde shades of fur fabric, so I'll be able to combine more colours, if I feel brave enough.

Iplehouse have brought out a new male body for the JID range.  I have mixed feelings about it.  Whilst it is beautiful, and the six-pack is much nicer than the old body, it does look taller than the old body.  I'm a bit sore about that, because I'll be ordering my Jerome at the end of July, and I really didn't want him to be taller than Xander :(   And I'm slightly nervous that I won't like Xander as much when I have a doll with the new body.


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( Jun. 25th, 2012 07:55 pm)

First I took my shorts pattern and added the length in the legs.  I wanted these to be fairly baggy to fit over Xander's black lace-up boots, which are quite high up the leg.  I'll make some more fitted skinny jeans when I have the appropriate footwear for him.  Maybe some sneakers or something smaller.

The basics went together quite well, I overestimated the length deliberately, so I'd have the option of turn-ups if it seemed right for the garment.

Making front pockets wasn't too hard as I've done it before a lot. The belt loops were a right bloody faff though.  Urgh.  I think jeans must have them, but I didn't enjoy these at all.  I bought a loop turner so I could make spaghetti-thin tubes for belt loops and the like, but it was so hard to turn the tubes. I wrecked half the denim fabric, but managed to salvage just enough to make the belt loops.

Making the back pockets was rewarding, but more fiddly than front ones. Next time I'll sew them on before I've stitched up the jeans themselves.  I'll also add a typical jeans back pocket design to them, buit for this I just wanted to get them finished so I skipped over doing that. 

They do look a bit plain, but once I'd attached them properly it was a bit too late to change my mind:

And behold, finished jeans.  I took lots of pics of these, which usually happens, and then I can't decide which ones to use.




Turn-ups - the jeans can be with or without these, but I'll leave them there for the present, because they pull down over the boots nicely this way.

What a sexy boy:

Next a sweater.  I have some nice fabric in two shades of purple stripe, so I'll use that. It will basically be the teeshirt pattern with extended sleeves.