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( Jul. 6th, 2012 09:30 pm)

I'm still working on the blue lawn outfit and the hand dyed fabrics one,  but I'm saving them up for when they're all embellished and finished.  So in the meantime, I thought I'd take some pictures of Rachel's new eyes and blather on about them.

I bought several pairs of 14mm eyes for reborn dolls, because they were reasonable, located in the UK, and very pretty.  The ones in the picture are light grey, and I just love Rachel with them.  They're very nice eyes.  I'll put some in Xander at some point too, as I have blues, green, hazel and brown as well.

This cheap little canon powershot camera is awesome.  The macro facility (for extreme close-ups)  is good, and the resolution is epic. I <3 it with all my <3

The Iple website says that JID take 12mm eyes. so when I bought a new pair for mine, I bought 12mm ones.  Lo and behold when I removed the Iplehouse default eyes, they were 14mm. 


So the new ones are all 14mm.  Some people don't like them too big because they say the large irises make the dolls look weird, or on drugs, or like lizards.  I prefer them.  The smaller irises made Rachel look a bit too open-eyed, she looked constantly amazed, which I got tired of really fast.

I'll probably use the smaller ones I bought for Rachel in Maisie at some point, but for the moment I like her pretty baby-blues.




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